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All of the games available to download from this website are fully compatible with Windows Vista

Many of the files available for download on my website are in Rar form. Rar is another form of zip, its much better and safer but not everyone has the software to open it, so here are some links to website's which allow you to download the software.

Click on the name of the software to go to there download page.

Winrar - The official software but its only available for free by trial (2 months)

7-zip - The one I use, it's free and reliable.

Also when you download games that are in parts you have to download all parts before you extract and you must ONLY extract the FIRST RAR file you dont need to extract the other parts.

If you do not have Winrar/7-zip or do not wish to download them, then you can download the file in exe form (not all games give this option) .

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